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September 7, 2014

This was a weekend experiment

yallery screen capture

I founded an art management SaaS startup named Yallery in 2006. It was shut down after 3 years—however, I've continued to have ideas about displaying and sharing art collections. One day I may resurrect the art management software startup in a new form. Until then I may continue to play with ideas.

The immediate challenge here was to reduce the amount of traffic returning to the server for each sorting request. Yallery used traditional HTTP GET requests for each sort request. Yallery also displayed artwork metadata within a separate modal overlay, which also relied upon an additional database and page query. Lastly, Yallery was not responsive at all, with a less than intuitive "Google Maps" like click and drag interface containing tiny 80px image tiles within a fixed-size window.

The result is a new interface, which places all the display logic within Javascript and all art metadata within a single JSON file—all cached by the browser. All sorting and metadata related activites are self-contained after the initial page request. All artwork thumbnails are completely responsive within a full-page container that scales to the available browser dimensions.

Thank you for visiting!
- Jenn